Addiction Recovery Facility in Louisiana

Over the past years, Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Louisiana has ranked above average in terms of drug addiction and dependency. The abuse and addiction of alcohol is however not very high in the state. The high cases addiction and dependency are of the abuse of cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, and crystal meth. There has however been an alarming increase in the addiction and dependency to the prescription drugs like hydrocodone, Xanax and Oxycontin.

According to a recent report on the substance abuse in the state Marijuana is among the most widely abused drugs. According to the report, crack cocaine is among the most problematic substances that are abused in the state. Most of the drugs that are abused in the state are smuggled from Mexico in to the state as well as from the Caribbean.

The good news is that the US Federal and Louisiana state governments have tried their best to put the abuse of drugs under control. They have put in place laws to prevent the trafficking and smuggling of drugs in to the state. Most important of all, the state authorities have supported and encouraging the setting up of treatment facilities in the state.

Substance Abuse Treatment Center In Louisiana

As at the year 2006, there were more than 145 rehab treatment facilities in the state. There are also some centers that offer opioid addiction treatment. The services and treatment that are offered in Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Louisiana vary. It is good to research and enquire about the treatment programs and the cost of treatment before enrolling for treatment.

About 72% of the rehab centers in Louisiana offer out-patient treatment services while the rest offer in-patient treatment. The in-patient treatment is in most cases offered to the patients that are severely addicted to the treatment. Over 60% of the rehab centers in the state receive partial funding from the state and federal government. The effect and meaning of this is that the cost of the treatment is subsidized.

About 47% of the rehab centers of the treatment centers offer residential treatment. Residential treatment refers to the rehab process that is undertaken when the patient is ‘residing’ at the rehab facility. The patient can be treated at the residential facility for any length of time until it fully recovers from the addiction.

There also several public and private hospitals in Louisiana which offer substance abuse rehab treatment alongside the treatment for other health conditions. The choice for Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Louisiana is thus fairly broad. What you should note is that not all the rehab centers in Louisiana offer the specific treatment programs that you require. The necessary research is therefore required if you want to identify and select the best Louisiana rehab center.

One of the factors that you should consider in your choice of the Louisiana drug abuse rehab facility is its experience and expertise in dealing with the addiction to various substances. The Louisiana rehab centers have in the past recorded high cases of addiction to methamphetamine and other prescription opiates. The reason of this has been adduced as the low cost and wide availability of methamphetamine. The young persons in Louisiana are especially very highly affected by the methamphetamine addiction and dependency.

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