Addiction Rehab Facility In Colorado

Colorado has high prevalence of substance abuse that has led to establishment of several rehabilitation facilities. All the facilities are hyped to be the best although some of them lack the required level of competence. In case you are in need of a treatment program that will suit your needs perfectly, you will need to conduct adequate research since there are several treatment programs applied. The following is a guide on the Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Colorado plans you can choose from.

Residential Treatment – This treatment program involves insensitive care of the addicts staying in a live-in facility. Normal periods range from one month to a year. What makes the service of these treatment facilities is the fact that patients are offered treatment assistance by both medical professionals and fellow addicts as well in a controlled environment. The treatment is best suited for patients with criminal records, extreme tolerance to the substance and broken social relationship.

Partial Hospitalization – This treatment method is best suited for addicts with stable life condition but still require stable close medical monitoring. The patient is allocated 4-6 hours per day in every 3-5 days per week depending on the severity of addiction. This program is not an inpatient program but it also requires significant time dedication.

Substance Abuse Treatment Center In Colarado

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – Addicts using this treatment program normally meet for 2-4 hours in 2 or 3 days per week. This treatment method is designed for persons still struggling with substance addiction withdrawal. Its main intention is prevention of relapse. Many of these outpatient programs are scheduled to be held either at work or school.

Counseling Treatment – Works best when blended with other kinds of treatment programs. Nevertheless, if the addiction problem is not severe it can be effective on its own. This treatment program aims at helping the addicts identify the root cause of the addiction, amend them, improve the broken relationship and then acquire healthy styles to identify and refrain from substance abuse.

Sober Living – This treatment program is suitable for hardcore addicts. It comes after undergoing intensive addiction treatment. The addict is first allowed to undergo recovery in a controlled environment such as residential or inpatient program. After the program is complete, the addicts are taken to the sober living facilities if they are worried of relapsing to drugs if they go home. On the other hand, those with no place to go after recovery are also suited by this treatment program. This allows the patient to live with fellow recovering addicts in an environment free of drugs and destructions that can lead to relapse.

Brief Intervention – This Substance Abuse Treatment Center In Colorado is suitable for people at risk of substance addiction. It is imperative to understand that this program is not meant for people who are already in serious addiction. The treatment involves several visits to a health center. The interventionist is mostly a professional who discusses the detrimental effects of substance abuse and the suitable methods that can be applied to prevent an individual from getting into addiction. Positive reinforcement which involves helping the patient to identify, cope and avoid substance abuse is applied.

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